The vision of YESHUA (JESUS)


The project

Hello I am brother Sébastien DISCIPLE OF JESUS ​​CHRIST .

It was during the confinement in March 2020 that our Elohim, the lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha maschia) , the lord put it in my heart to set up in the world market, a brand for his glory . With a strong message, He therefore communicated to me in my sleep the NAME of this brand "UNE MAINTENUE".

UMT is first of all before all other things a call to the disciples or not of the Lord, to his sheep all over the world, in which he says "I stretch out my hand as I have always done, it is up to you to take it no more walk in the wrong ways"

Then there is also the humanitarian side of this brand, because so many people in this world are waiting for AN EXTENDED HAND to help them live decently.


It's very simple with each purchase you make on this site the lord asked me to keep 70% of the profits collected for his work and to keep 30% to develop the brand and pay those who work in the project.

So there is no desire to get rich through this work.

This is how it works, we made sure that for each product the profit for LED2L is 10 euros.

you will therefore donate for each item of clothing purchased

7 euros for the work of the LORD and the remaining 3 euros are there to perpetuate the vision of the LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST


Isaiah 14:26
This is the resolution taken against the whole earth, This is the hand stretched out over all the nations.

Romans 10:21
But of Israel he says: I have stretched out my hands all day long to a rebellious and contradicting people

Acts 4:30
Stretching out your hand for healings, signs and wonders, in the name of your holy servant Jesus

WHY 70% and therefore 7 EUROS?

I do not hide from you that it does not come from me but from the will of the lord but number 7 to a very particular cause in the scriptures here are some examples

70 times 7 times: “Then Peter approached Jesus to ask him: “Lord, when my brother commits faults against me, how many times must I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered him: “I do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven times”. Matthew 18, 21-22

    In Revelation:

    • 7 letters sent to the 7 churches,
    • 7 seals,
    • 7 signs, one of which is the 7-headed dragon,
    • 7 bowls containing the 7 plagues,
    • 7 final visions,
    • 7 angels.


    All money raised goes to the LED2L association
    (Children of Light) non-profit association under the 1905 law.
    For the work of the lord:
    - Help widow and orphan
    - Support the education of children around the world
    - Spread the word of GOD throughout the world.
    Official document of the association

    To see the documents of the association click here