Our project

It was during the confinement of March 2020 that our GOD, the lord Jesus Christ , gave me the VISION to set up in the world market a brand for his glory .

He communicated to me during my sleep, the name of this work “ UNE TENUE MAIN ”.

A mission

The mission that the Lord has entrusted to us is to raise funds for his work:

- support for the less fortunate

-education of children and construction of orphanages.

-Propagation of the gospel of JESUS ​​CHRIST which breaks chains (physical and spiritual) throughout the world

How to support the mission?

With every purchase you make on our site, the lord has me
asked to keep 70% of the profits collected for his work and to keep 30% to develop the brand and pay those who work in the project.

With 10€ of profit per product, you will therefore donate 7€ for each purchase for the work of the lord.

Why an Outstretched Hand? Because the scriptures speak of it...

Isaiah 14:2
"Here is the resolution taken against all the earth, Here is the hand stretched out over
all nations."

Romans 10:21
"But of Israel he said: I have stretched out my hands all day long to a
rebellious and contradicting people."

Acts 4:30
"By stretching out your hand
, so that there may be healings,
miracles and wonders, in the name of your holy servant Jesus."

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We take 1-2 days to ship your order and then 7-10 days to deliver it to you.

Yes, absolutely. We ship worldwide.

Our offices are located in Oise) in France. Our international supplier is located in the United States and Germany.

Yes, wait 24h/48h after your order and ask us via email at unemaintende.fr@gmail.com